Little Weekend Eye Candy

Hello everybody! How’s your weekend going so far? I was writing a book review to post today, except I unfortunately haven’t finished yet, so I guess it just has to be published next Sunday (unless, of course, I find some time during the week). So instead, I chose to post some of my instagram photos from the weekend, as well as some things that inspired me. Hope you like it!

(Just saying, you might find it a little strange that all the pictures I’m about to share with you that are also mine have NavyBlueGuava written on them somewhere. That’s just my IG identity!) This picture I took because of my precious writing diary. You may have figured out by now from something or other that I really love writing anything down, so I created a diary a while ago just for this purpose. This little scene right here, consisting of a creepy-cool pencil, my notebook, and a giant chocolate bar, is pretty much an incredibly normal scenario for me.

I’m not sure about you, but I find that the hardest thing about winter is probably getting out of bed. I get all warm and cozy under my covers until someone finally ends up shaking me out of bed. I always feel like I can never again face the cold after snoozing under that pile of blankets…

By the way, I’m writing this in the middle of listening to “Starships” by Nicki Minaj. Not exactly my favorite song ever, but I just feel like it suits me today.

This picture actually started out as a pair of bright pink flats on a very light wooden floor. I edited it so much that it ended up coming to this. How do you like it? (I’m actually quite proud of it, because editing pictures is quite the opposite of being my strength!)


This girl, Gabrielle Giacomo, is one of my main inspirations right now. She’s 16, and yet she has already produced a whole set of award-winning films and has made her way into the world of film-making. She has a YouTube channel (click here) with the MOST AMAZING mini movies you’ve ever seen coming from a teen (in my opinion). These days, I kinda feel that I want to become someone like her. Maybe doing film-making is also a possibility for me, since I’m interested in this sort of stuff.


I also have this huge inspiration with ballet dancers. Not only are their costumes beyond beautiful and small works of art, but these dancers really have this special air of grace about them that my clopping up the stairs simply cannot match up to. Also, don’t you simply love the stage and the snowflakes? I do.

What’s inspiring you these days? Tell me!



Quick endnotes: Click here for my Instagram profile. All pictures shown there are by me.

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