The Wild Girl (number one)

Hi everybody! How is your Friday going so far? I decided that as well as posting each Sunday, I would also post every other Friday to get in a little more time one my new blog. This Friday, I ended on the idea of making two fashion collages and sharing them with you. (you can follow me on Polyvore @navyblueguava to see all the collages for “The Wild Girl” series) Here goes, and I hope you like them!

The Wild Girl #1

I created this collage not necessarily to show off my sense of style, but rather to just shove everything I liked  together into one big heap. How do you think it is?

The Wild Girl #2

This collage rather matches my sense of style, but not exactly. I wouldn’t, for example, just wear this on an ordinary day, maybe not ever. Again, this was pretty much just a collaboration of single items that I really liked.

Pretty Sights

And to just end everything off, here is a little makeup collage with pretty much everything being entirely random. In my defense, I was experimenting.



P.S. All pictures shown here are entirely my work and not from anybody else. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “The Wild Girl (number one)

  1. I love the pink flower in the top corner, I saw a lot of these when I was in East Africa and they smell so good too. They remind me of beautiful adventures xxx


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