The Best Part of Being a Rider…

…is feeling free, as if you could do anything. Few people ever realize that yes, horse-back riding could sometimes be looked at as being more of a sport for the horse than the rider, but those people also don’t understand the effort and training it takes to make it look that way. To me, riding is all about forming a bond with your horse and understanding the way your mount thinks- after all, you’re not driving a car, but you’re rather driving a quite unpredictable if not wild animal.

Right now, you’re probably thinking of moving on to another blog post or running away from my blog altogether. However, I haven’t explained my point in detail yet, so might just as well stick around.

You know that first sentence, the one about feeling free? I have several details that I’d like to point out for that. I used to feel like my only true, perfect friends were horses, probably because just like dogs, they don’t ever betray you. They don’t ever hate you (unless, obviously, you’re that tyrant that drives his horses to death, but since that thought makes me sad, I’ll just move on). Horses also make you feel like they understand everything you tell them, but can keep a secret.

Riding has a lot to do with friendship.

You simply can’t tell me that this doesn’t look like flying. And if you don’t horse-back ride, I’ll let you in on a secret that isn’t really a secret: it feels like flying, too. I once heard someone say, “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit if there are footsteps on the moon.” Riding makes this come true.
Riding makes you feel like you’re flying.
There are so many riders out there who train for months, undergoing the hardest pressure and pain. For example, one olympian trained for six months without stirrups (what you put your feet in), which, believe me,  must have been the most pressurizing, painful, and brave thing you could do. Guess what? She even won.
In short?
Riding is inspiring.
(I am not a religious person, but I must say I loved this quote:)
Horses. If God ever created something more beautiful, he kept it to himself.

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