MoMA Noodles and NYC

Most people, when I tell them that my favorite thing to do in New York City is eat those delicious noodles that the MoMA Museum has on the menu, look at me like I’ve grown two heads and then utter a disbelieving, “Why?!”

Don’t worry. It happens quite often, and I’m used to it by now. Mainly, it’s because NYC is just so loud and… well… dirty. Some parts are absolutely lovely, I’ll give you that, but others, not so much. However, I will now be all guilty and admit the fact that I do love going shopping in all the fabulous stores and seeing all the beautiful lights whizz by. Oh, yeah; that reminds me of what I wanted to share with you today.





I miss summer. I wish I had a horse. Such random thoughts, but they technically make complete sense considering that (a) it’s almost winter and it’s FREEZING, and (b) that horse-show season just finished up all of it’s peak moments, so all of my lovely riding magazines are full of show gossip. Also, I miss the flowers in the summer, and I wish that it was warm enough to wear these four things that I hauled out right up there. This summer, it was all flower prints. Now? Not so much. It doesn’t stop me from secretly loving these, though.

I was reading a bunch of my favorite style magazines from this year, mainly Nylon and TeenVogue:

Too late. I got caught. 🙂

Have an AWESOME Thanksgiving + Hanukkah, everybody!


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