That Was Yesterday.


I went to see “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” yesterday, after I blogged to you guys.

OH! INTERMISSION! I ALMOST FORGOT! HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO ALL OF YOU (i mean thanksgiving)! Or, if you also celebrate Hanukkah, happy Thanksgivukkah! Okay, enough- let’s get back to the point.

And yeah. I totally mean Shakespeare here. But/and, what is probably the biggest surprise to you if you aren’t exactly a literature lover, is that I really, really, enjoyed it. The costumes were fantastic, and if I got bored of the words, I always had something super interesting to look at on stage. If you haven’t seen this production yet (it was also featured in The New York Times, so you really can’t go wrong), I definitely recommend it to you with all my heart! You’ll certainly enjoy it…



Aren’t these so beautiful? They’re some bubble decorations I found in one of my favorite malls ever. Not telling you what it’s called, since I’m a vain little person and want to keep it all to myself… No. Just kidding. It was Saks 5th Avenue, aka the shoe department. They were also glass, so whoever the store manager/owner is: be thankful that I didn’t touch them.


Also, it was, of course, also completely impossible to miss out on something called carrot cake. Quite the whopper, unhealthy, but yet still delicious. This was Le Pein Quotidien, one of my favorite chain bakeries. The name is French, in case you’re wondering.

Now for the other stuff. I was thinking that I might start a YouTube channel. It would be fun, and since I’m quite an abnormal person, I might just as well make my channel abnormal too. Tell me what you think of this idea! Tomorrow, I’m going to the Hamptons. In other words, long, freezing walks on the beach that stretches on for miles. Bleh. (Though I won’t take away all the credit: it’s insanely amusing to watch my dog swim her rounds in the water. She just swims in these endless circles. I’ll try to get a video of it!)

You’re going to hear from me again today, I think…




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