That Was Yesterday.


I went to see “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” yesterday, after I blogged to you guys.

OH! INTERMISSION! I ALMOST FORGOT! HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO ALL OF YOU (i mean thanksgiving)! Or, if you also celebrate Hanukkah, happy Thanksgivukkah! Okay, enough- let’s get back to the point.

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The Wild Girl (number one)

Hi everybody! How is your Friday going so far? I decided that as well as posting each Sunday, I would also post every other Friday to get in a little more time one my new blog. This Friday, I ended on the idea of making two fashion collages and sharing them with you. (you can follow me on Polyvore @navyblueguava to see all the collages for “The Wild Girl” series) Here goes, and I hope you like them!

The Wild Girl #1

I created this collage not necessarily to show off my sense of style, but rather to just shove everything I liked  together into one big heap. How do you think it is?

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Um, Hi!

Um, hello. This is, of course, a bit awkward, but I do think that I’ll manage. My name is Amelie, and yes, I was actually half-named-after the movie “Die Welt von Amelie”, or “Amelie’s World” in English. I speak German and French fluently, and my third language is English, though I don’t have any sort of accent. This is certainly not my first time experimenting with creating a blog. However, I have a feeling that Jettamelon will stay around for a while. I’ve also decided to start exploring YouTube some more, and I’ve actually tried my hand at making a video or two. How the heck do people like Michelle Phan get their videos to be so… so… perfect?
I think that I’ll write all sorts of things on my blog. Stories, fashion, makeup, DIY, diaries, videos- you (probably) name it! I’ve also been to all kinds of places in the world. the ony continent that I’ve never been to is Asia, and Antarctica certainly does not count as a continent in this case.
I used to absolutely loathe any sport except horse-back riding, which I started intensely at a very young age. Now, I also compete in volleyball, which is the only ball-sprt that I actually enjoy playing.
Since so many bloggers create a list of things about themselves that their readers never knew, I decided to do the same thing, only instead, I will do it on my first post.

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