MoMA Noodles and NYC

Most people, when I tell them that my favorite thing to do in New York City is eat those delicious noodles that the MoMA Museum has on the menu, look at me like I’ve grown two heads and then utter a disbelieving, “Why?!”

Don’t worry. It happens quite often, and I’m used to it by now. Mainly, it’s because NYC is just so loud and… well… dirty. Some parts are absolutely lovely, I’ll give you that, but others, not so much. However, I will now be all guilty and admit the fact that I do love going shopping in all the fabulous stores and seeing all the beautiful lights whizz by. Oh, yeah; that reminds me of what I wanted to share with you today.

The Best Part of Being a Rider…

…is feeling free, as if you could do anything. Few people ever realize that yes, horse-back riding could sometimes be looked at as being more of a sport for the horse than the rider, but those people also don’t understand the effort and training it takes to make it look that way. To me, riding is all about forming a bond with your horse and understanding the way your mount thinks- after all, you’re not driving a car, but you’re rather driving a quite unpredictable if not wild animal.

Right now, you’re probably thinking of moving on to another blog post or running away from my blog altogether. However, I haven’t explained my point in detail yet, so might just as well stick around.

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